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I haven't played it yet, but the title piqued my interest for a very... odd? reason.

I have been using the term "perpetual broth" for years to describe my grandmother's soup that, much like in the world you've built, never ends due to her constantly topping it with everything in the kitchen that's nearing (or past) expiration. 

My friends and I ever created a little legend that if anyone drinks the soup (it's an untold rule, that one should never accept food from my grandmother), they will either die or be granted eternal life (the only explanation for her to still be kicking after drinking that thing... some of the things I've seen go into that... *shudders*)

Anyway, I hope you get a giggle out of my tidbit. Just wanted to share :)


Hey that’s really a cool story, thanks for sharing it the zine/title are inspired by the a couple of century old French cookbook that mentioned a “perpetual broth” inn somewhere in the countryside, that had allegedly served a never ending broth for more than a century. Can I ask in which part of the world you are folks? Cheers Iko

Haha that's amazing! We're from Brazil, but she did live in France for a little while and, having travelled the world, it was like her favorite place. Maybe she heard about it there!

Haha! Nice!

This is a wonderfully executed concept and a phenomenally well-written piece! Should be a stable in many games, as it clearly shows that even a small break at the local tavern can be filled with intrigue, random tables and weird rumours. 

Love it, love the art and love the layout! Oh did I mention the pop-up house? I love it.

Great job.


Thanks Philip, sorry for the late response I didn’t get the notification somehow. Exactly let’s make inns and taverns locations of unexpected adventure.

This looks very intriguing, but as I understand it, the players will be able to look at the location descriptions and tables when I place this on the table?
In this case, you probably keep the thing in front of you, so that the players are not able to read everything?

Or you just trust your players not to read the information that would spoil the game? It's not that simple to read stuff upside down anyway.

That's a good point, I might be overthinking this. But then, I have the compulsion to read everything I can, so I might projecting that onto my players.


Hi Folks, yeah the text is upside down for players, and the maps are sort of hidden behind the model, on the GM side, but sure, I a player with a good view really wants to read the tables and descriptions they can’t.

Anyway, I’m working on other pop-up adventure modules. 3 to 5 pop-up than can be played separately or would make a mini campaign. I’m going to take this into account.

That's great to hear. I think it is such a nice concept and I also think that there absolutely can be text and maps next to the pop-up, but maybe no "DM-only" stuff? E.g. general room and NPC descriptions can be on the paper, but the DM has a second document containing all the "secret" stuff like hidden items.

You could build the building on a seperate card stock so you can keep the words separate too


This is absolutely great.


Thank you :)